The Crown Jewels come to Hanford

Apr 26

On Thursday 20 April Rufus Bird, Hanford parent who was Surveyor of the Queen’s Works of Art for over a decade with curatorial responsibility for the Crown Jewels, kindly came to Hanford to give two talks – one to the pupils and one later to parents and members of the public – about the Crown Jewels and their role in coronations of new monarchs.

Rufus’s talk was full of historical detail and fascinating anecdotes about the nation’s heirlooms that make up the Coronation Regalia and the audiences were dazzled by the sheer number of gemstones in these priceless artefacts and interested to hear about their cultural, historical, and symbolic value.   We were particularly struck by the St Edward’s Crown, which is only used to crown a new king or queen during the coronation ceremony.

Rufus commented, “It’s a timely moment to discuss The Crown Jewels, which will be on display at the King and Queen’s Coronation on 6 May. The wonderful and extraordinary history of the stones is compelling and the Hanford girls asked lots of interesting and thoughtful questions.”

The Hanford girls, and the many people who attended the later evening talk, left feeling thoroughly well prepared and knowledgeable about all things sparkly, ahead of the upcoming Coronation on 6th May.   Thank you Rufus for a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating talk.


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