U10 Rounders, Clayesmore Tournament

Apr 22

The U10 Rounders team went to Clayesmore for a friendly start of season tournament. 8 teams participated and were divided into 2 groups. Hanford played the Clayesmore Blue, All Hallows and the Port Regis Purple teams within their group matches. Some impressive batting and safe fielding ensured that Hanford managed to win all 3 of the group games. We progressed on to the Cup semi final and played a different Port Regis team. this was a very close games but again finished in Hanfords favour 6-5. The final opposition was against Clayesmore Blue team which we had beaten in the group stage but after a solid innings, scoring a healthy 4 1/2, Clayesmore had upped their game and finished with a commendable 6 rounders.
An excellent start to the season!
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