U10 Rounders vs Forres Sandle Manor

Apr 24

We set off for our rounders match to FSM on Saturday really pleased that the match was still on after all the rain we had had the day before.

The batting square and bowling square were a little boggy but fortunately no-one slipped over.The worst bit was the muddy ball which was quite slippery and difficult to catch Рwe had a change of ball after the first innings!! Hanford won the toss so FSM was put in to to bat first. After the first innings the score was 8 Р4 to FSM and in the second innings the score was 6 all, the batting and fielding  improved for both teams. FSM had two lovely catches. The score from the two innings was combined which made the final result 14 -10 to FSM. A delicious team tea was enjoyed by all.
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