U9 Hockey Matches vs Clayesmore and Port Regis

Sep 19

Friday, 14th October
U9 v Clayesmore
The 3rd form had a very early outing in the minibus to Clayesmore to play hockey.
It was quite a challenge to get them ready in their kit, with the correct  equipment and not forgetting their mouthguards but we managed!
We had two teams of six an older team and a younger team. In the younger team one of the Hanford girls took it in turns to play for Clayesmore in order to even up the numbers. It was a super afternoon weatherwise and the girls had so much fun and learned a great deal too. It was good for their fitness as the ball travelled so quickly on the astro!
Saturday,15th October
U10 v Port Regis
The 4th form set off very early in the season to play hockey against Port Regis. They got off to a slow start, probably taken by surprise at just how quickly the ball travels on the astro surface and they were a little hesitant to go for the ball and come forward to tackle. They were down 2-0 in the first few minutes and then they got into their stride. they managed to stop Port regis from scoring until just before half time and then it was 3-0. In the second half their spacing and passing improved and they managed to finish the match with just one goal being scored in the second half, it was very exciting. Special mention must be made of Eva Revell who went and played in goal having put the kit on for the first time!
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