UVIth French Trip

Mar 22

Girls in UVIth (Year 8) spent part of the last week of term on a wonderful four day French-immersion trip where they had plenty of opportunities to practice their French listening and speaking skills, ahead of their Common Entrance oral exams in May.   Staying in the beautiful Chateau de la Beaudonniere the girls took full advantage of all the activities on offer, from ‘French’ night where the girls dressed up in all things French and sampled some local snails, to a Talent Show competition on the second night – ahem, guess which girls’ school won with an impromptu song and dance?!  There was land sailing, aeroball, bread making and a trip to Mont Saint Michel and much more.

Hanford School-UVIth French Trip 8

The girls also had a fascinating visit to the Pegasus Bridge Museum where they learned the crucial part played by Horsa gliders in the Second World War.  The gliders transported infantry who went on to seize the River Orne and Canal bridges, now known as Horsa Bridge and Pegasus Bridge respectively.   A lovely Dorset connection was made when the girls found out the gliders had set off from nearby Tarrant Rushton airbase.

Hanford School-UVIth French Trip 6


Hanford School-UVIth French Trip 7


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