Virtual Hanford Parents’ Day

Jul 17

This year Hanford took on the challenge of delivering a Parents Day on line.  This unprecedented event was in response to the social distancing requirements in place to help contain the Covid-19 virus. Those familiar with our Parents’ Day will know it is a major highlight of the school calendar. It is centred entirely on the girls and celebrates all they have achieved over the past year in a uniquely joyous Hanford way.

Although nothing can quite capture the magic of sitting on the lawn swapping picnics and stories while being entertained non stop by the girls performances in music, gym, dance, riding and the Whole School Play. Not to mention drifting around the school visiting classrooms to see the impressive and diverse range of both academic and creative work that is proudly on display.

Obviously it was never going to be possible to capture the magic of the day online but that didn’t mean we shouldn’t try and if you would like to take a look at some of the virtual entertainment created for Virtual Parents Day by the girls and staff  please click here.


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