Hanford at a Glance

Having Fun and Working Hard

Hanford believes children should be children for as long as possible, climbing trees, building dens, riding ponies and playing in the garden. Giving girls free time is something Hanford has always believed in as it encourages girls to become lost in their own imagination and develop creatively.

Hanford School-Welcome 4

Hanford teaches girls to combine having fun with working hard. A strong and committed teaching staff seek to bring out the best in each and every girl. This combination of fun and hard work pays dividends when it comes to Common Entrance and Scholarships.

Class sizes are small normally 10-12 and there is learning support available if required. Alongside the core curriculum girls are taught handwork, where they make their own school uniform skirt, and Art Appreciation (Art Appre) where can begin to understand and appreciate the cultural world around them. Music has always been central to life at Hanford with almost all girls learning at least one instrument or joining one of the choirs or folk group; music composition is also offered as an activity.

Sport is incredibly strong at Hanford – recent successes have seen our teams county champions in rounders, tennis and athletics.

Hanford is perhaps most famous for its ponies and stables which most girls choosing to have riding lessons and some testing their equestrian skills at local and national events including Tetrathlons.