Wellbeing Day – 9 February

Feb 09

Hanford lessons came to a halt ahead of half term as everyone enjoyed a change of routine and a focus on Wellbeing.   As a boarding prep school we place the highest priority on looking after the girls’ wellbeing and ensuring we give them the very best pastoral care possible.

Hanford School-Wellbeing Day - 9 February

The girls started the day with a lie in before putting on their jeans, not normally allowed during the week, and enjoying a whole school breakfast with smoothies and pancakes galore. Choosing between maple syrup, fruit coulis, cream and of course chocolate sauce was difficult!  Then the juniors headed off to make Valentine’s Day crafts and the older girls were challenged to ‘break out’ from a series of escape rooms which, given the laughter, was a lot of fun as well as challenging.  After a refreshing break, everyone then headed off to a pancake race. Of course, this being Hanford, it was pancakes on a pony!

Hanford School-Wellbeing Day - 9 February 4

The staff took the opportunity to have a relaxing Pilates session although some couldn’t resist the pony fun!  A lunch of homemade soup with produce from the garden finished the morning before girls headed home for half term and a well earned rest.

Hanford School-Wellbeing Day - 9 February 12


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