Covid-19 Procedures

Important news – COVID-19 procedures

New Government guidance on living with COVID-19 is coming into force on Thursday 24 February. Under the new rules, twice-weekly asymptomatic testing in a school like ours is no longer required.

The Government continues to advise (but does not require) adults and children with COVID-19 to isolate for at least five full days. These cases would only be identified in the event that the individual concerned is presenting with symptoms and then tests positive by means of a PCR / LFD test. It is unclear, however, whether such tests are now required in the event of symptoms.

Our experience has shown that the girls have suffered only very mild symptoms from COVID-19. Symptoms for adults have been more significant but still manageable. This gives us the confidence to manage COVID-19 in line with our treatment of other significant contagious infections.

Current procedures

Accordingly, our procedures in response to COVID-19 are as follows:

1. asymptomatic testing will stop immediately;

2. we will recommend that a child (or adult) isolates only in the event that (and for so long as) they are too unwell to attend school (typically, presenting with a high temperature) or we are concerned about the impact on other members of the school community (for example, there is evidence of an outbreak within the school or local community);

3. we will not be requiring – or even recommending – children or adults to test for COVID-19 even if they are presenting with symptoms;

4. should children or adults wish to have a test (on presenting with symptoms), for as long as we have supplies, we will allow them to use our LFD tests.

These procedures will remain in force until further notice.


Visitors to the school will need to report to the office on arrival in accordance with our normal protocols. They may enter the school buildings without the need for a face mask – and there is no need for any testing ahead of a visit. We would ask, however, that visitors contact the school ahead of their visit if they are unwell for whatever reason so that we can decide whether the visit should proceed as planned.

If you have any questions regarding this approach, please do not hesitate to contact the headmaster (