Young Carers Workshops at Hanford

Oct 10

Hanford School pupils were lucky enough to be visited by the fabulous team from MYTIME Young Carers this month, a Dorset-based charity which provides much needed support and advice for young carers across the county.

Stephanie McMillan, Head of Games at Hanford, commented,

“We organised these sessions with ‘MYTIME Young Carers’ to give the girls some knowledge about what other children may be dealing with in their day-to-day lives and how we can support them. The workshops went extremely well, the girls were full of questions and ideas about how they could assist Young Carers in our communities and discussed how they could support the charity in future.”

The MYTIME charity staff led a series of workshops for each of the school’s year groups, each one tailored to the girls’ age. Pupils learned about what a young carer is, how having caring responsibilities at a young age can impact on a young person’s life and how we can all offer support to those in such a situation. The girls fully engaged with the sessions and had some insightful discussions around support, empathy and fundraising ideas.

Emma Samways, Level Up Programme Coordinator, said of the workshops: “It was both a privilege and a pleasure to lead sessions of our Level-Up Programme’s PSHCE lessons at Hanford School. The girls were receptive and very engaged when introduced to the topic of young carers. They demonstrated a high level of empathy, and some of the girls felt empowered to open up about their own personal experiences.”

Emma’s comments were echoed by Krista Sharp, CEO of MYTIME Young Carers, “A huge thank you for inviting us into Hanford. The girls who joined our sessions on young carers were both articulate and thoughtful. They asked excellent questions demonstrating kindness and empathy. We look forward to working with Hanford again in the future.”

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