Young Shakespeare Company at Hanford

Oct 08

Last Thursday, we were treated to a visit by the fabulously talented Young Shakespeare Company, who entertained us with their interactive and hilarious adaptation of Twelfth NightOur dining hall was the perfect setting for a Shakespeare play, and the actors themselves were suitably impressed!  

It was clever how accessible they made the complicated plot, and our IVth, Vth and LVIth girls were all gripped, thoroughly enjoying being asked to become the sounds of the storm or selected to play different characters. We were extremely proud of the way they all understood the story and engaged with the performance. 

Hanford School-Young Shakespeare Company at Hanford 5


Bella, Vth Form

Twelfth Night was very entertaining and my favourite part was when Malvolio wore yellow stockings. I do think Sir Toby Belch was quite hard on Malvolio as he didn’t deserve what he got. I also thought it was very funny when Sebastian and Antonio were saying their goodbyes. Overall, I thought the play was great!”
Hanford School-Young Shakespeare Company at Hanford 4
Aliza Rae,  Vth Form

” We loved it when The Young Shakespeare Company came to perform Twelfth Night for us. I love plays! I really enjoyed participating in the dancing and the rowing. I thought it was a very good play, especially because there were only four actors. The fact that you could volunteer was super-exciting and it kept us interested. The costumes were also amazing. Overall, it was one of – no – the best play ever!”

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